Who are we

Iberforo Murcia Lawyers has a long trajectory spanning over more than half a century. Its origins go back to 1954, the year in which D. Antonio García Ruiz began his work as an associate to other lawyers. From the beginning of this association his position grew and he established his position in the city and nearby areas.

In the mid 1980s, the members of the law firm decided to go their separate ways and continue their professional careers independently, and in the year 1989 the head of the law firm, Antonio García Ruiz, was joined by his son, the lawyer, Antonio García Montes, current Director and Partner of Iberforo Murcia Lawyers

In the year 1991, as a consequence of the growth experienced in the previous decade, the law firm became part of the network of Iberforo lawyers law firms, and was called Iberforo Murcia Lawyers from the year 2012 onwards.

In the year 2013, our office became part of the network of Hispajuris law firms, with 38 offices in Spain and international alliances, allowing the firm to assess and defend its clients in the places where they carry out their business.